September 25, 2017

Look What You Made Me Do….

Look what you just made me do…. Introductions.. Hi…I’m Shelly Lambert, 1/2 of Shelly Lambert Photography. Here’s what you need to know first…  Jenna Kutcher recently challenged me to share my real nerdy self with my online peeps. I started with a review of my social media apps and realize that I have hidden behind a silhouette of my sweet son for too long. I am the most awkward person in front of the camera. I feel so anxious and hate the way I look when I look at the back of the camera. I never know what to do with my hands or where to look and my expressions are usually a sad combination of confusion and panic. I hide behind my work and kids and really prefer to keep selfies OFF social media. I do realize that it’s nice to work with people I feel like know. I appreciate local connections and would much rather support an entrepreneur that I know well and like than a corporate Big Box brand. So since were getting real with intros, I’m about to give you, for FREE, five nuggets you should know about me.  Number one, I LOVE learning. Mostly learning about random things that will never earn me any academic achievement accolades. I am so curious… I listen to Podcasts on anything and everything. I use Google at LEAST 25 times per day, which drives the other half of SLP crazy! I have to know the answers to the ridiculous things that run through my head at random.  For instance, the most recent Google Search history on my phone… “What are Jenna Bush’s favorite yoga pants? next,  What are Opioids?  Like I said… total random ADHD searches all day every day… Number two… I am a mess maker. I can ransack a house or car in less than two minutes after having it spotless. My desk usually looks like we’ve just fell victim to a home invasion.  I’m the non-animated Pigpen. Lambert, my way better half is definitely OCD and a clean freak. His truck is 9 years old and looks and smells like he bought it yesterday. My car smells like Chick Fil A and dirty feet before departing the dealership. THANKFULLY were a good team and he has an abundance of grace for me. Now I do pick up, and I do love a clean house, I just wish I wasn’t such an El Toro Loco and could keep things clean. Speaking of Lambert, this is number three and its a good one. We met when I was just 12 years old as our parents passed each other on a highway headed to Amarillo Texas. We exchanged waves and a smile from the back seat of our TRUCKS and my heart has skipped a beat for that boy ever since! ( I promise to share this love story on the blog soon!)  Number four, I have no formal photography degree. There I said it. I won’t be a slave to being found out any longer.  I went to school for business and finance and worked as Credit Analyst and Commercial Lender at a commercial bank for over 15 years… I loathed every second of it. All of it. It was never what I was meant to do and I stunk at it. The calling and crunching numbers. The office cattiness and politics. The awful tight suits and pointy heels that required two major foot surgeries.  However, leaving the security of a a corporate job with great benefits and insurance was not an easy call for us to make especially just after adopting our daughter with pretty significant medial needs. But, we made the leap and never looked back. It was the right decision for our family and I haven’t regretted it one single time.  Hang on were heading into number Four!  I am a treasure hunter  and have been long before treasure hunting was cool. I will scour flea markets and junk stores, auctions, garage sales, swap meets… you name it.  I love finding and collecting vintage treasure. Lambert and I share this love of vintage everything. We have a 1972 classic C-10 pickup truck that he fully restored. He has been featured and covered in several truck publications. His vintage palate is a little more refined than mine. Last year, on a whim, I scored a 1974 RED Jeep Grand Wagoneer, that is totally awesome but will probably never be restored because Lambert isn’t into Jeeps… I know LAME… I am not at all bothered by the fact the floor boards are rusted through and supported only by several dozen license plates welded together. It’s added vintage charm in my eyes.  I also have somewhat of an issue that rhymes with SCHMORDER when it comes to vintage Christmas decorations… They spill out of every closet in our home and the kids are kinda creeped out by it. Our address changes to 1234 Grizwald Avenue come the holidays. It starts at Halloween and lasts right on through New Years… Im sure there are deed restrictions that prohibit the front lawn parking of a red Jeep Grand Wagoneer pulled by Santa and his 8 blow mold reindeer. However, Benton (that’s what we named my Jeep) will make an encore performance this year! And lastly, I have to share a more serious side of the S in SLP… Figuring out this whole self employment gig is really tricky. I’m sure I’m not alone in failing to strike a healthy balance with family and work. I left a stressful career behind and thought that entrepreneurship would be waaaaaayyyy more glamorous, like Chip and Jojo!  It’s not… It can be very isolating. I find myself working crazy into the morning hours and frustrated with technical difficulties. I no longer have access to an IT department that can walk me through lost server connections and the best merchant service options. Its me… just me, trying to figure out strategy and marketing and book keeping, and customer support, and product development and analyzing social media. Friendships and relationships have been put on the back burner while I try to give this business ago all the while trying to appear that I have it all together!  I keep hearing, you’re so busy, you never have time to talk anymore. And truthfully, I am so busy and I don’t have time to talk anymore. Because, Im home in my stretchy pants, does not mean I’m not working… really…. hard.  Even personal hygiene lacks my friends!  I feel the guilt and the loneliness that comes along with joys of finally getting something right.  But hear me… I LOVE what  we’re doing and I honestly can’t imagine doing any other job. I love that we get to serve people at every wedding and lifestyle session. I love encouraging our clients and celebrating all of their milestones. I love that we get to work together as a husband and wife and feed off each other’s energy and creativeness. I love that I can take my kids to school and be there to greet them when their day is done. So now you have a little scoop on the S behind the SLP… I’d love to hear a few nuggets about you!  Any shmorder tendencies I need to know about??



  1. Deb Hausman

    September 25th, 2017 at 3:34 pm

    I love this truthfulness. Keep doing what you love, ask God to show you healthy boundaries and he will. I love you and couldn’t be more proud. Mom

  2. Nicole Goodfriend Stelly

    September 25th, 2017 at 5:36 pm

    I love this and you!! We are kindred spirits for sure. My christmas obsession consists of 12+ crates and 5 Christmas Trees!!! Decorations go up at Halloween too!! I also quit a corporate high powered job to follow a dream and more importantly be there for my kids every step of their childhood journey!

    You have a beautiful soul and are great at what you do! Keep it up!

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