September 4, 2017


We’ve received numerous emails and messages after the devastating effects Harvey unleashed on Texas and our community… Harvey was a wake up call to many of us… and procrastination is our worst enemy. We think it’s never happened to us so chances are we’ll never need to back up and save those precious family images… The history of our family… the memories of our loved ones… the pillars of our past that have passed on. We are overwhelmed right now and its hard to even know where to start but we know it’s time. The thought of losing these irreplaceable albums we’ve been entrusted with from a disaster makes us ill. We want out children to have a visual, tangible way to know their grandparents and great grandparents and so on. They were immigrants, farmers, mill workers and family… They we’re us. We want to know our ancestry and every photo tells the story of just that for our generations to come. Let me introduce you to Legacybox. They will help you organize and digitize your family treasures and assure that in the event of any natural disaster your family images will be well preserved. They have a simple guide that will walk you through organizing, preserving and saving your family’s documented history! This is a public service announcement from your friends at SLP and we approve this message!



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