September 21, 2017

Three Things Every Couple Must Know Before Planning The Rehearsal Dinner

We just attended the most fantastic Rehearsal Dinner with our darling Boston couple, Taylor and Brad. We walked away with 3 valuable lessons from this amazing couple, that we think every couple should know when planning their wedding! We want to share these three tips with our SLP couples and You (for FREE)!   First… having your photographers capture your rehearsal and rehearsal dinner is a GREAT idea. We can’t imaging ourselves not being a part of them now. The rehearsal is by far more intimate and relaxed than your wedding day. Your closest friends and family are surrounding you and loving on you before the biggest day of your life! So many meaningful exchanges happen at the rehearsal. The excitement level is high, but everyone is relaxed and having a good time and that makes for great editorial images.  The stress level is slightly more elevated the next day… when the groom forgets his socks and the best man is running late because his uber driver took a wrong turn!  These candid relaxed rehearsal moments with besties are the ones you’ll love and cherish long after your wedding day!  Second, be intentional with where you choose to celebrate your rehearsal dinner. Take some time and think outside the box.  Brad (our Boston Groom) has a love affair with flying and all things aeronautical. While they don’t own an airplane YET, they found the most surprising restaurant that just happened to be at an airstrip and also just happened to serve up 5 star cuisine.  It was a short drive from the vineyard and definitely unique to this couple.  It was exciting to drive up to a hanger and  watch the planes come and go as we dined. The owner was actually on site that night and we snuck away to ask his permission to go onto the airstrip for a few quick photos of the bride and groom… He said YES!! We were able to capture some really special images of the two together that would not have happened had their photographers not been invited to the pregame show!  Their friends and family watched and cheered from the huge bank of windows inside while Taylor and Brad hung out with us on the strip. The owner even joined in for a few shots.  That night will be fondly remembered by all who were blessed to take part and won’t be just a box checked off the wedding to do list. As a couple jot down your shared interests, or favorite places you’ve dined together that have special meaning. Maybe it’s the place you shared your first date, maybe its on the beach and you have it catered by a fabulous local chef. Just make it personal to the two of you and make it a night you and your guests will remember as an awesome celebration. And last but not least by inviting your photographers to join your dinner party, you’ve set the tone, that we are more than paid help, we are friends.  Your bridal party and family will get to interact with us and form a relationship that will make them more comfortable the next day.  They will begin to trust us and not feel like were outsiders. We love getting to know the family and the bridal party. We use this time to establish that fun banter and know that Uncle Phil is a huge Yankees fan and that Jennifer is shy and will take some warming up to.  By the next day they will know us and love us and we can serve them and you better. By investing a little time getting to know your tribe the day before will make for more authentic, less forced images for your wedding album! Tell us your favorite rehearsal dinner tips so we can share them as well!



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