August 22, 2018

Maui Woweee!! on a BUDGET

Would you believe me if I told you that… you can do Maui for 5 days for less than $2,000? I’m going to tell you just how YOU can AND… break down our expenses!

2018-07-28_0001.jpg1.) Use Airline Miles to Fly, We opened a United Explorer Card and instantly received 40,000 miles to be used anywhere United Flys  and then we spent some time charging our expenses on the card to earn miles (we paid the card balance in full before any interest accrued and just used it to earn points). We don’t recommend going into debt just for milage points. Fly for FREE or close to it! (plan ahead)  IF you do not have airline points available… start researching free apps that will notify you when airlines offer fares within your set target price  range… when we returned several people told us that they found flights to Hawaii for $325 (ish) ROUNDTRIP… we didn’t believe them… so we looked into it and low and behold… it’s legit… you may have multi stops along your way to paradise but in the grand scheme of things…. so what?? Also.. just pack a carry on…. don’t check bags… it can be done too… that’s a whole other post! Our condo had a washer and drier so we washed one time and were fine!


2.) Don’t stay at a fancy resort. Three years ago we came with my mom and stayed at the super duper luxury Grand Wailea which I know was over $7,000 for the week..

We found and AirB&B and stayed in a super cute condo (I can give the contact info if you’re interested) for $220 per day… We had a full kitchen and comfortable amenities right across from the beach… Literally we walked from our condo to the sand. There were also TONS of restaurants and food trucks and shops within walking distance.


3.) Do your research… Excursions can really add up… We quickly realized that we could have snorkeled the same AMAZING location by parking our car along the road and swimming out to the reefs from shore. Save on the excursions just by bringing your own snorkeling gear and packing a lunch! FREE excursion….  DIY style  (ask your host if snorkel gear is in the closet. Ours had several masks and flippers… as well as beach bags, umbrellas towels etc…

2018-07-28_0007.jpg4.) Enjoy the local beaches and hit them all.  The island is small . Drive all over and see everything. Each beach has the most amazing and unique features and views!  From mountains to black beaches…Grab a boogie board or surf board and hit the road. Be sure to pack your lunch too. Our AirB&B had a soft cooler in the closet and cold packs in the freezer which was a big help!


5.) Explore the Island.. Avoid the tourist shops full of ripoffs and junk and SEE Maui. Do the road to Hana, Go to the Lavender Farms, hit the plantations, SNORKEL (I was hesitant but so glad I did it) and talk to the  local people.  Book your rental car early and check rates!! Don’t get trapped spending $100 or more per day for a car and you DON’T have to rent the luxury car or the JEEP. We were set up with a Mazda x6 and it was perfectly FINE!  Plan ahead and shop the different rentals! If you want a souvenir, purchase a piece of art from a local  artist. We found several craft/art shows while we were there. Local artisans sold their carved masks and pineapple prints, and hawaiian landscapes for MUCH less than we found them in the shops. Typically the shops aren’t selling local art anyway….2018-07-28_0016.jpg

6.) Share meals when you do eat out… The portions are ALWAYS huge. We might order a salad or appetizer and then split a meal… We never went hungry and you can always stop for shaved ice or fresh pineapple on the way home! We had breakfast at the condo, sometimes packed a lunch and then had dinner out or vice versa.. lunch out and dinner at the condo… The point is every meal doesn’t have to be out to eat. The groceries are a little higher but watch what your purchasing and stick to the basics. We were advised to hit the Costco for groceries.  (we didn’t do it this time) Everything is imported so it’s more expensive than shopping at home. We opened a shoppers card to earn savings at the local grocer which saved a lot of $$$$!2018-07-28_0014.jpg

Budget for One BIG  Splurge!! Resorts offer massages on the beach. A sunset cruise is a great choice. There are also fantastic Luaus on the west side. Rent a jeep for the day and go off the grid.2018-07-28_0011.jpg

Air Fare: Free

Accommodations: $1,100

Car Rental $420

Food $350

Excursion: 250 (optional)

Gas  $40


LEAVE THE KIDS WITH THE GRANDPARENTS!!!  We love taking our kids on vacation with us, but this Maui trip was just for us.  It was a great time to rest and be intentional with our relationship. We’re so busy with work and raising kids it was just wonderful to escape and enjoy each other without the responsibility of tending kiddos! I have forgotten what its like to just be a couple. We neglect our marriage because were so busy and we can’t always find time for regular date nights or get aways so this trip was just what we needed… And I don’t know how in the world you could pull off Maui for $2,000 with two kiddos (one being a hungry teenager!) I’m not a miracle worker people!



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