August 24, 2018

The Portrait

Moms ask me when they should have their child’s portrait made… I’m a photographer so I say… as soon as possible and often.  I believe in documenting children from birth and then just keep the ball rolling.  I had my son’s newborn portraits done before the digital camera era…  I was offered a handful of images that I could select for print.  I LOVED every image she captured and I wanted them ALL… but back then it was really all about the “money shot”. I really wanted the one outstanding image that I would blow up on a fine art canvas and frame in a really big ornate frame and once mounted, hang a brass light above it so I could see it perfectly at night when I walked down the hall…  Times have certainly changed!  A typical proofing gallery includes 40 or so great images.  Most moms purchase the digital files and then leave them on their computer and NEVER print, frame or display.  I know this because moms will contact me years later and ask me if I can send them their files again… because… they never downloaded their images for print. This makes my photographer heart sad… Now that I’ve fallen for medium format film photography with cameras that are no longer manufactured, I approach sessions a little differently. I want to offer my clients the “money shot”. I want to give them a handful of beautiful images that they can’t help but blow up and frame or have a table album made.  There is value in touching and looking at images in your hand rather than just sharing them on social media. We live in an age where our phones take amazing pictures, but there is something beautiful about a tangible portrait that will be a legacy in your family.  So… start early and keep it up!  They’re only little once. I know this now…  Do you have a little one that needs their portrait made??  BOOK MY PORTRAIT




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