September 14, 2018

Going Back To Why

We have had so much rain this week. I feel like I live in Seattle. Everything is green and covered in tiny little droplets of water. When we moved into “Project Pretty Please”… I promised myself two things… I wouldn’t wait until all the improvements were done to start living and entertaining in our home, and I would plant a garden. I started with a single raised flower bed and next spring I have plans for veggie beds!  I have always wanted to plant a garden but I made excuses because I knew my garden wouldn’t look like Ina Gartens… I wanted to have the “right” yard first. After 10 years of living in our last home, I never planted my garden. Every year I would say maybe next year. 10 years passed yall.  As soon as we thinned out the back yard at project pretty please, I planted an assortment of zinnia seeds. What could it hurt. I bought the seed packets and rather than leave them on the shelf in the garage, I dug up a little dirt and spread them out in a small bed near the pool.  I looked out every day eagerly anticipating their arrival.  I was so excited when before my eyes little green sprouts started popping up all over.  I watered and cared for them every day.  Little by little they began to grow. I wanted to speed them along. It seemed like they would never actually blossom.  For a long time they looked like weeds. I had to remind our yard crew not to mow or weed that little bed.  I am thrilled with each new bloom!  They are all so unique and possess a beauty all their own. Each stem has it’s own color and shape.  These past few months, I’ve been journaling and digging deep to figure out how to get back to my why. I was challenged this summer by my business coach/mentor to find my why…  I’ve known my why all along. I am just so dang easily distracted by anything that sparkles. I find myself off MY path and chasing after things I was never meant to chase. I’ll think, oh he/she’s doing XYZ and appears to have it all together, maybe I should try that and I’ll get it together too. It’s taken me forever to learn that just like my zinnias, we each have our own beautiful story. For me it’s the path to least resistance. It’s easier to imitate what someone else is successfully doing, than to figure out and stay true to MY story. So heres to staying on course and keeping true to our own WHY’s…




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