January 25, 2019

4 Tips to Your Best Senior Session

You’ve made it. The journey to your Senior year has been an amazing 12 years. Your mind has been enriched and you’ve been stretched and challenged to prepare you for your next adventure. You’re about to embark on the next chapter of your life. You’ve learned the basics, hopefully had a few teachers along the way that pushed you beyond what you thought you were capable of and looking back now, you can say, “I’m Ready!”  Your Senior year is a year of looking back and excitedly looking ahead. Senior portraits are a long standing tradition and they have certainly evolved over the years. Seniors are looking for something unique, something that is truly a reflection of who they are at this point in their journey. No two Senior Sessions are alike these days. Make sure you are prepared for a session that captures your unique personality. We have 4 tips to help you in your decision for hiring the right photographer and ensuring a fantastic Senior portrait gallery! No cookie cutter images that look like all the rest… Not for you..

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Tip One: Communication. Make sure your photographer is a good communicator. Are they listening to your ideas, wishes and concerns or are they doing all the talking? Are they asking you questions about you? Do they want to know who you are, what your interests are and how you feel about portraits? Are you super excited and have a million ideas you want to share? Maybe your shy or not really even wanting senior photos at all. Maybe Mom has arranged this session and you’re feeling anxious. Not every Senior is thrilled about being in front of the camera. A good photographer should hear your thoughts, ask a lot of questions and together you should come up with a session that you will love!senior, senior photographer, houston senior
Tip Two: Experience  Is your photographer an experienced Senior photographer? How many Senior Sessions have the photographed? Can they show you a full gallery from a Senior Session? Do they have a website or just a social media page? Do they know the best time of day to shoot for great lighting? Do they have suggestions on locations? Are they connected to the best vendors? Can they recommend the best hair and makeup artists? Do they offer quality print services and products such as, announcements, prints, albums or do they just offer a digital gallery for you to print yourself?  A great photographer should be able to educate you and mom about quality printing and services. If you’re handed a usb or an e-mail link with your images, chances are you’re not going to happy with your results. Big Box retailers do not have print with top quality printers, inks or papers. You should be educated on where to go to print yourself or have your photographer provide that service. A USB will end up in the junk drawer along with all the rest. Your Senior images should be displayed, preserved and shared!  Ask to see a sample of printed products. Experienced photographers have print products in their studios for clients to touch. If they don’t have this available to you, they probably aren’t that experienced. Also, feel free to ask for a reference or two. At SLP we are happy to share client experiences and contacts of happy customers!senior, senior photographer, houston senior
Tip 3: How do they make you feel? This is a biggie. How you feel on the day of your shoot truly will be reflected in your images. If your photographer isn’t excited about your session or is rushing along , you’re not going to be comfortable. If you or mom feel like they’re winging it with the initial meeting or they’re not willing to meet with you at all… they’re not that interested in you… We’re invested from the first meeting with you! We guide our Senior clients with positive directions and coaching. We show you how to walk or which way to stand. We NEVER force a pose or tell you that you’re doing it all wrong.  Posing for the camera doesn’t come natural for most people. We’ll talk you through every step and you’ll actually have FUN too!  Often times Mom’s make us nervous or frustrated so we’ll step away from Mom for a bit and get a little more relaxed! We’re moms, we can’t help ourselves!  Sometimes Seniors will come without mom to their session or bring a friend along to make it more fun. We know how bring out your best and we GET Seniors. We also encourage  you to incorporate props that reflect your personality. If you play an instrument… bring it. If you’re an athlete, lets go to field, gym, track, pool, courts… wherever YOU feel most comfortable. We NEVER want you to pretend… or be something you’re not. This is all about YOU!senior, senior photographer, houston senior
Tip 4: Editing  We get asked often about editing. Seniors are always concerned with their skin and want to look their best.  At this age your skin can be fine one week and inevitably break out the day of your session.  Prior to your session we’ll give you a guide to help you prepare the week of your shoot. We’ll give you food tips and what to avoid and we know really great makeup artists with mad airbrush skills! (some of our guys use a make up artist too!) A good photographer will have access to the most current editing software that can take care of  those pesky blemishes or make necessary touch ups. What you DON’T want is a photographer that will make edits to your skin or body in Photoshop that distort you in any way. A great photographer will spend a lot of time hand editing and retouching your photos without altering your image.senior, senior photographer, houston senior
senior, senior photographer, houston senior
senior, senior photographer, houston senior
senior, senior photographer, houston senior
senior, senior photographer, houston senior
senior, senior photographer, houston seniorWe LOVE Seniors and we serve a lot of them! We shoot seniors from all over the Houston area.  From Galveston- to Dallas and everywhere in between We would love to be YOUR Senior photographer!  BOOK YOUR SESSION



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